When the restoration merges with technology
Objects with a unique and original design Made in Italy
Florentine artisan

We are specialized in the restoration of antique furniture and furnishing accessories.

Our experience and qualification allow to operate in full compliance with the technical aesthetic specification of the historical periods to which the object to be treated belongs both in reproducing missing elements and in recostruction of surfaces.

Among the services available at the laboratory in addition to complete  partial recostruction of the specimens, it is possible to request polishing works, structural consolidations and anti-tarlo treatments, to restore its ancient splendour to any type of woods without damaging it in any way.

Restoration is not a “simple” maintenance procedure to put back in order furniture structures that were in a particular state of decay but a precious work of recovery of objects that posses an inestimable value, and it is starting from this though that we have created our creation,where restoration merges with technology giving life to objects with a unique and original design.


Structural consolidation

Disassembled chair and subsequent gluing.

Mimetic restoration:

Table with burner

Ancient Disinfestation:

Performed both in the laboratory and on site

Cleaning antique furniture

Before and after cleaning furniture

Modification and enrichment

Before and after furniture

Modification and enrichment

Before and after furniture.

Finishing conservation antique furniture

French polishing with black lacquer

Finishing conservation antique furniture

Tempera lacquering with different finishes and effects.

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