Customized: When the restoration blends with the technology

Customized is a project that was created to revelue the design furniture that characterized the 50s and 70s.

Furniture designed by great architects often have no place in contemporary furnishing projects. The customized furniture design line includes changes not only from an aesthetic point of view, creating unique and refined effects with the replacement of some parts of the veneer, the insertion of materials such as brass, parchment, leather and fabrics, but also from a technological point of view, with a miniaturized amplifier, which through bluetooth technology and the speakers incorporated in the structure can spread sounds or music of excellent quality.

All our furniture is also equipped with a power station to charge up to 5 devicesa at the same time, all absolutely “camouflaged” in accordance with the initial design. The luminous effects combined with an extremely contemporary line characterize each object.

Customized involves research that can be applied to each piece of furniture, making it exclusive, unique and personal...The real protagonist of your space!!

To present our new idea of furniture design,we organized an exclusive event at the Hotel Garibaldi Blu in Florence.. 


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