Fuji - sideboard

Small sideboard project of the Customized line. 5-port USB power charger and 2 types of LED light. The reflections of light draw Fuji Mountain.

Innovation and design of this sideboard give life to unique, prestigious and elegant furnishing solutions. The furnishings and accessories restored by true masters of Florentine craftsmanship have something unique, in addition to the many technical and aesthetic qualities, bring with them the emotional aspect.

Made in Italy, A real piece of furniture made by hand craftsmanship of Florence

Fuji sideboard is “Customized”: 5 USB power charger ports | 2 types of LED light
SIZE: 91 x 30 x 85 cm




The Fuji sideboard of the Customized design furniture collection is a unique piece.

Our experience and passion in the restoration allows us to use furniture that apparently seem unusable, but through the restoration processes are transformed into objects with a unique and original design.

We present the processing processes to enhance the exclusive peculiarity of the Shinkai wardrobe:


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